Our Non-Equity Partners

PARKER HR is partner-friendly! As a consulting firm, we join forces with experts from leading private and public sectors who are working to ensure we get the most out of leading employee relations initiatives. PARKER HR is proud to partner with a range of dedicated professionals across three countries that align with our mission and vision.

Helping your business Build and Grow

Our Non-equity Partners work with us to deliver reports, surveys, events, conferences, and campaigns – supporting us in helping our diverse clients to grow, innovate and prosper. PARKER HR Non-equity Partners offers superior value to our clients in the US and Canada, helping them reach their business goals and develop their human resource capabilities in order to improve their customer experience and increase their competitive advantage. 

PARKER HR serves local and international clients, delivering HR solutions tailored to ensure success. We work across many sectors, specializing in Talent Management, Learning and Development, and Performance Management while leveraging Data Analytics, Research, and Design to augment our consultants.

Meet Our Non-Equity Partners

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Ajirioghene (Ah Jiri Or Ganeh) Evi
Equity Diversity Inclusion Non-Equity Partner at PARKER HR
Executive Director at Kind Minds Family Wellness 
Community Engagement Specialist at OACAS

Ajirioghene is passionate about working with individuals, families, groups, or communities that are culturally diverse and not necessarily the celebrated norm. Almost two decades in public service work, and this continues to be the driving force for her. She enjoys assuming several roles in the community, from working and supporting grassroots work and initiatives for deserving equity groups to engaging and educating private and corporate entities on how to dismantle systemic racism and promote equitable outcomes for their clients and service recipients.



Casper Rasmussen
Corporate Fitness Non-Equity Partner at PARKER HR
Founder of Cheveyo Fitness Camp, Spain.
Elite Strength & Conditioning Coach

Casper has been working full-time in the field of physical training, nutrition & health since 2010, with experience working as a personal trainer and as a physical trainer for professional athletes in various sports. In 2013, Casper started Cheveyo Training Camp in Southern Spain. As a Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Education Coach, Casper Rasmussen ensures practical coaching workshops for his participants, incorporating the best and most highly equipment to ensure the best environment for fitness.


Mark Noble
Employee Benefits Management Non-Equity Partner at PARKER HR
Financial Advisor 

Mark holds a unique background, experience and point of view. He holds 12+ years of experience in helping individuals, families and businesses reach their financial goals and dreams. As a problem solver who has people’s best interest in mind, Mark understands clients’ unique circumstances and delivers the solutions that matter most to them, while being committed to the best business practice values. 

Interested In Becoming A Non-Equity Partner with PARKER HR