Maximizing Personal Effectiveness

Learn what you need to know to operate effectively and engage an organization that creates value now and for the long term.

Equipping people and organizations to unleash sustained performance

Self-awareness is internal. Only you can access your inner awareness. More importantly, each of us can access our internal state and enhance our self-awareness. We have the power to turn our attention inward and know our “inner self” more fully. 

Exceptional leaders look within first to enrich, enlighten, and expand themselves. They know they cannot really control anyone else. They use selfawareness to control themselves and ultimately have greater influence upon others.


Course Targeted Competencies

Amid today’s workplace and talent revolution, organizations need the ability to transform again and again. Success relies on your most critical resource-your people-with the backing of the right structures, systems, and skills. Course targeted competencies includes, the ability to:

What You’ll Have Inside The Course

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


Personal Effectiveness within your 


Personal Effectiveness with others 

Case Studies and Exercises


Accelerate Growth           

PARKER HR’s Maximizing Personal Effectiveness course is tailored to ensure organizations make the best of their people so they can realize their strategy today and sustain performance in the future. Accelerate the growth of your team today with our MAXIMIZING PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS course in these areas:

According to a 2021 Gallup study, 57 percent of workers want to update their skills, and 69 percent of those are willing to leave roles to join companies with better learning opportunities. Join many SMEs using our customized Corporate Learning Solutions.