Casper Rasmussen
Corporate Fitness Non-Equity Partner at PARKER HR
Founder of Cheveyo Fitness Camp, Spain
Elite Strength & Conditioning Coach

Casper has been working full time in the field of physical training, nutrition & health since 2010 with experience working as a personal trainer and as a physical trainer for professional athletes in various sports. In 2013, Casper started Cheveyo Training Camp in Southern Spain. As a Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Education Coach, Casper Rasmussen ensures practical coaching workshops for his participants, incorporating best and most highly equipment to ensure the best environment for fitness.

Casper holds strong & conditioning elite credential certificates from Denmark, CF L2 – CrossFit, Advanced Circuit – Training DGI from Denmark, and Boxing Trainer L1 – FW from Denmark. Casper has spent his adulthood in the fitness and sports industry, growing up on the sidelines of active outdoor sports. For the past 10 years, Casper has worked with international clients visiting the Cheveyo Fitness Camp, combining his passions in healthy foods and fitness to pursue his goal of making fitness professionals more effective and a relevant part of the circle of care.

As an EDI Non-Equity Partner, Casper supports our clients in the capacity of a seasoned Corporate Fitness Partner who is committed to a lifestyle of health and wellness and will project a positive image of self and the organization. Casper is experienced in motivating and leading people through personal and group fitness programs. Casper enjoys working as part of a team and has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, specifically with the ability to execute oral and written instructions.

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