Do You Feel Unproductive Working From Home?

Here are 7 Proven Tips to Have a More Productive WFH Routine

By Nel Jayson Santos

The current COVID-19 pandemic crisis has shown that the world (as a whole) even though it was once thought as an improbable system to slow down, can be halted in a span of weeks. This unprecedented situation that we are in at the moment has undoubtedly affected billions of people working for different companies, institutions, and organizations worldwide. Due to several stay-at-home mandates and self-isolation measures implemented starting in early March 2020, business and industry operations were shut down, and most employees were forced to transition towards a Work-From-Home (WFH) environment. However, working remotely can be challenging and often unchartered territory, especially for most employees accustomed to regular face-to-face interactions and needing uninterrupted workstations. Nevertheless, several remedies in terms of physical and ergonomic changes, routine modifications and behavioral applications could be implemented in order to retain work productivity levels as well as to avoid work stress and burnout.

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